Home > ProductsTELP Series is the Lead Tin Telluride based thermoelectric modules for converting heat into electricity. It is designed to optimize its performance for 300-500 °C heat source

The power module is designed and manufactured by our unique technology for converting heat source directly into electricity. The module is a lead tin telluride based thermoelectric module that can work at the temperature of as high as 500 °C (932 oF) heat source continuously, and up to 600°C (1112 oF) intermittently. The thermoelectric module will generate DC electricity as long as there is a temperature difference across the module. The more power will be generated when the temperature difference across the module becomes larger, and the efficiency of converting heat energy into electricity will increase. It can achieve much higher efficiency than Bismuth Telluride module if heat source temperature can go up to 500 °C (932 oF) due to its larger temperature difference. The module is enclosed in a metal casing for preventing oxidation in high temperature and poor environment. 



                  TELP Series Thermoelectric Power Module             

Part Number 


The power module can work at the temperature of as high as 500 °C (932oF) heat source continuously, and up to 600°C (1112 oF) intermittently.                          


  • Size: 80 mm x 90 mm
  • Open circuit voltage: 13.3 volts
  • Matched load output resistance: 2.05 ohms
  • Matched load output voltage: 6.65 volts
  • Matched load output current: 3.27 amperes
  • Matched load output power: 21.7 watts
  • Heat flow through the module: about 290 watts
  • Heat flux: about 7.6 watts/cm2

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If you did not find thermoelectric module that meets your requirements, we are ready to design the one at your request.

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