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The unique biomass stove is designed not only to improves the cooking conditions and increase burning efficiency for fuel saving, but also come with a 10 watts thermoelectric generate for lighting during cooking and mobile phone or battery charging to improve life style. With special air flow arrangement in design, the stove can provide just enough air combustion to reduce smoke by natural ventilation and to save the fuel (the fuel could be wood, straw, animal dung, coal, etc.). Taping the thermoelectric technology, the small generator built into the stove can generate the electricity during the cooking by utilizing a small heat from the stove. The generator of the stove includes thermoelectric modules, fan, heat collector and heat sink. The thermoelectric modules will turn a bit of heat from the stove into electricity to power the fan and give extra 10 watts. The fan is powered by its own generator to cool the cold side of the thermoelectric modules. The generator is equipped with a USB, 5VDC output for powering electronic products like charging your mobile phone, it will give out the 10watts output after eight minutes burning. The stove can heat up 2 liters water from 20 oC to 100 oC within 13 min and just consumes 250g wood. The unit is light in weight, small in size and easy to carry for camping or outdoor cooking and also good for home in village where the electricity is not provided.


Please down load the specification from here in PDF TEG-BS-10W-5V-2




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